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El Salvador Lenca

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Why we love it: We are so excited that Lenca is back! This has been a family favorite since the very beginning. If you are looking for a perfect drip coffee this is it! This rich, chocolatey coffee has so many distinct flavors and leaves the house smelling amazing all day! 

Farm Story: The department of Morazan, an area of ancient forest has a long tradition of coffee cultivation. Indigenous languages that are spoken by very few in the community identify this land as "Lenca” which roughly translates to “The Land of Abundant Waters”. The bounty of freshwater, fertile land, and incredible altitudes lead to the formation of “cloud forests” which protect plants from extreme weather. The El Rio Grande de San Miguel, one of the main water sources for the eastern part of El Salvador feeds over 20 communities and allows producers to flourish even with harsh weather fluctuations and droughts

Elevation: 1200-1500m

Flavor Notes: Nutty Cocoa, Sweet, Nutty, Chocolate, Caramelized, Almond

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