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Comparison of Ethiopian Medium Roast

-Joe N.
Feb 3rd roast date:
  • First opened package:   The aroma is not as apparent.  The beans still smell good but not that strong of aroma.
  • Appearance of the beans:   Can't really tell of any discolored difference.
  • Grind:  I prepared the grind for a pour over in my Chemex.  The beans still smell fresh.
  • Pour over experience:  At first pour, the bloom is not as appealing.  It still blooms but not as high.  I proceeded to finish the pour over process and nothing else seemed to differ.
  • Tasting:   At first taste the coffee didn't feel any different but the floral aroma was not as strong.
  • Overall:  Still a good quality roast and produces a solid cup of JOE!
March 19th roast date:
  • First opened package:  Robust Aroma!!!  Smells fresh.
  • Appearance of the beans:  Can't really tell difference.
  • Grind:  When grinding, you can smell the freshness of the coffee.
  • Pour over:  Blooms higher and the smell is stronger at first pour.
  • Tasting:  only difference was strong aroma.
  • Overall:  Aside from the obvious difference in roast dates, the only other difference is strength of aroma.


    It’s just amazing to know each morning that the best coffee in Chicago is roasted 3 miles from my house and more importantly is waiting to be brewed downstairs when I get up!

    -Jim K.