Drip Drop Roastery

Belly's Roller Beans

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Why we love it: This coffee is the perfect mix of flavors. It is smooth and chocolatey at first, with a delicious fruity taste at the end. It is a perfect wake up cup of coffee. 

Family Story: In Honduras, near the mount of Tenan, the fifty-acre farm is home to rare micro-lots. Formerly a cattle farm, Finca La Unica was purchased in 2016 by Leticia, a 5th generation coffee farmer. Leticia is proud to be an example for women by owning land and taking ownership of a role typically reserved for men in Honduras. 

The farm also provides sleeping quarters for 50 coffee pickers, bathrooms, and kitchens with clean water. This farm is definitely a gem, teeming with gorgeous row of coffee trees, cacao trees, large lemons and wild berries. 

Elevation: 1400m

Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, Raspberry, Cherry, Crisp Apple

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