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Your Guide to Different Types of Coffee Roasts

By :Digital Guider 0 comments
Your Guide to Different Types of Coffee Roasts

The taste of your cup of coffee is not only determined by the type of coffee beans but also by the way they are roasted. Roasting is a heating process that transforms green coffee beans into aromatic brown ones that we love. The longer coffee beans are roasted, the darker they become, and their aroma and flavor are more distinct. Moreover, the less acidity and caffeine it contains. 

Roasting leads to numerous chemical changes. Scratches, fat, and sugars within the beans are caramelized, emulsified, and released as they are brought to high temperatures. When they reach the desired level, they are quickly cooled off. Freshly roasted organic coffee beans weigh less, are crunchy, and are ready to be ground and brewed. 

You might come across different roast levels when you buy roasted coffee beans online or at a store. Read on if you are confused about what each roast level means and want to know more.

  • Light Roast

The light roast coffee beans are roasted for the least amount of time. Typically, they reach a temperature of 356°F to 401°F before the first crack occurs. They are light brown in the shade and have no oil on the surface. It contains more caffeine and acidity but less aroma. 

If you like your cup of coffee mild or are a fan of cold brew coffee, then light roast is an ideal choice for you. 

Other names for light roast coffee beans are:

  • New England, 
  • Half-City, 
  • Cinnamon
Medium Roast

Medium freshly roasted organic coffee beans have a higher consistency than the light roast and have a more balanced aroma, flavor, and acidity profile. Its internal temperature lies between 410°F to 428°F after the first crack and before the second crack occurs. It has a chocolaty and nutty flavor but no oil on the surface. It is excellent brewed in espresso, Moka pot, automatic drip, and pour-over.  

Other names for medium roast coffee beans are:

  • City
  • Regular
  • American 
Medium Dark Roast

The medium dark roast coffee beans have richer and more flavor. It is less acidic and darker in color, with a slight bittersweet aftertaste. It is roasted till its internal temperature reaches 437°F – 446°F.  

Medium dark roast taste profile can be characterized as dark roasted almonds or dark chocolate. Some popular brewing medium dark roast methods are Aeropress, espresso, and French press.

Other names for medium dark roast coffee beans are:

  • Viennese
  • Continental
  • Full City 
  • Light French 
  • Light Espresso
Dark Roast or Espresso

 These coffee beans are roasted for the longest time till their internal temperature reaches 464°F – 482°F. They have a sweet flavor as the sugar in the coffee beans had sufficient time to caramelize. Moreover, it brings out the oil on the surface. It has a rich flavor profile with a buttery finish.

Other names for dark roast coffee beans are:

  • French
  • Turkish
  • Italian 
  • Dark French
  • Heavy

Bottom Line

Don't get confused by these terms the next time you go shopping to buy roasted coffee beans. Pick one that soothes your taste and preference.  

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